Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare Facilities

When it comes to building maintenance, no industry places as much of a premium on cleanliness and organization in the workplace as the healthcare and medical field. It is imperative that all facilities are sanitary, well-kept, and functional, so that the staff can provide high quality care and an appropriate environment for their patients.

Healthcare Facilities Status

Healthcare facilities range from small clinics and offices to expansive urgent cares and multi-level hospitals with several different wings. Some major hospitals can house thousands of patients and additional thousands of staff members, and extend over 100 acres. Healthcare facilities as a category include more than just hospitals; medical nursing homes, pharmacies, drug stores and medical laboratories can all be classified as such. Because of the wide variety of facilities that the term encompasses, the size of the buildings and corresponding operations can vary greatly.

Regardless of the budget or the size of the operation, healthcare facilities strive to establish an environment that is suitable for patients of varying degrees of health. The buildings must be well-maintained, clean, safe, and functional in order for the staff to perform at an optimal level and administer the best quality care for their patients. That’s where Kohl Building Maintenance Inc. comes in.

What Kohlbm can Offer?

Kohl Building Maintenance Inc. provides building maintenance services for a myriad of industries and different facilities, ranging from small healthcare clinics to corporate offices. Kohl Building Maintenance Inc. works with clients to establish an understanding of the specific needs of the company and the facilities they occupy, and creates an appropriate building maintenance plan to meet those needs.

When it comes to healthcare facilities, Kohl Building Maintenance Inc. recognizes the importance of maintaining a sanitary environment so that the medical staff can adequately serve patients and tend to their needs. Kohl Building Maintenance Inc. offers an impressive array of building maintenance services to ensure that every healthcare facility is clean and well-maintained, including vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, floor buffing, polishing, and disinfecting. All supplies, maintenance crews, and equipment are provided by Kohl Building Maintenance Inc.

Beyond that, Kohl Building Maintenance Inc. employees pride themselves on remaining inconspicuous and non-disruptive while on the job, so as not to disturb the work environment or interfere with any workplace proceedings. Healthcare facilities house operations that are usually very systematic and orderly, so it is of the upmost importance to be discreet when working within the facility. We value our clients’ time, and our building maintenance crews conduct themselves in a highly professional manner with the goal of improving the workplace environment without causing a distraction.

Kohl Building Maintenance Inc. also understands the importance of preserving the security of the premises, so as to safeguard our clients’ private information contained within the facilities that we service. This is especially important for healthcare facilities, which hold patients’ personal medical histories and financial records, in addition to state of the art medical equipment used to serve the patients. Kohl Building Maintenance Inc. adheres to all existing security regulations for the properties that we service, and always accounts for any keys that are placed in our possession. During servicing hours, no persons other than authorized Kohl Building Maintenance Inc. crews will be allowed to enter the building. Any other person in the building must have their own means of entry separate from the operation of our maintenance crews. In addition, all Kohl Building Maintenance crew members are required to wear and display an identification tag that confirms their place as a part of the crew.

No matter the size of the building, Kohl Building Maintenance Inc. is the go-to janitorial service provider for your healthcare facility.