Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning is not just water, plus bucket, plus liquid soap, plus squidgy, equal clean windows. It is more like clean windows equal an appearance that equals first impressions which leads to success. Why have windows that distract from the appearance of your building. We make cleaning windows a care beyond our self-interest with precision and experience from well trained professionals that make the job seamlessly and efficient. We use Green-environmentally friendly chemicals to clean your windows because we know how important our environment is to our communities.

We are dedicated to providing the best services, the fit your budgets, your time and your needs. That is why Kohl Building Maintenance is different. We care about the business owner making changes in our community and we want to help maintain your work windows clean.

We can set up maintenance routines that will be strategically plan to fit your window cleaning needs. Call or request more information about or various packages at Kohl Building Maintenance to take a building survey to help us best apply the best quality products and work needed to take big steps towards a excellent first impression and success.